‘Tech-n-Threads’ is a premium brand under the umbrella of Manik Trifaley Design Studio. The multi-faceted organisation is a one-stop shop for all corporate gifting solutions. We try to make our products personal rather than mechanical and we believe in a community linked together by emotions and personalised treatment. We have designed the Tech-n-Threads brand to show independent elements joined in a circuit, interweaved much like a tapestry, accentuating the element of community. Our colour combination is a blend of bold (orange) and soothing (blue). We have a 360 degrees view of your gifting needs, including a variety of technology, stationary, eco-friendly items, utility items, and so much more. Under our technology section, we have articles such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other affordable quality products. The items are perfect for employee gifting and team recognition, and to this end, we offer a range of high quality clothing, as well as trophies designed to make the recipient feel accredited, appreciated and unique..



Our speciality lies in our prowess at branding, which is done exclusively by us to preserve the quality of customisation. We offer a multitude of options for the same, such as engraving, screen printing, embossing, and digital printing. We also provide service in record time, and we even have attested times of one day (3DS, Pune). With our unique process of linking the perfect gift and the specific customer, we specialise in filling all requirements within a record time. Along with this process, we add in a customised branding, just for you.